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Can you think of the last time you bought a pair of shoes for your kids that weren't ugly boring and heavy? Didn't think so! And to be fair most parents don't really get excited about buying shoes for their kids and I don't blame you.

Where can parents find great looking premium kids footwear and actually be able to afford it? We try looking too! And we didn't find anything.So we decided to do something about it ,and thus, Mini by Dhea was born.

Mini by Dhea embodies the believe of being yourself no matter who u are and where u come from by giving you the freedom to express yourself the way you want it, and striving to create such a brand, we've taken our product, to in front of the drawing board, constantly reinventing our self to where we are today.

In short, we made our shoes better, more attractive and more comfortable, than our competitions. And heres how we did it, my name is Dhea, I love shoes so very much. Just like you do.

I spent a lot of time in shoes factory all over the world, mastering my craft. My desire, to bring you quality footwear in a fair price. We partnered with an artisan factory that have experience in high end brand but also prides it self in preserving tradition and history.

And we took it one step further, we rejected more than half of the materials we receive ensuring only the best went through to making  shoes. The different is both visible and tangible.

We take a lot of pride in these detail because we style and design these shoes, for kids, for our kids, to be just as cool and stylish just like us, young entrepreneur and professionals, inspiring creative, and dreamers. A modern shoe for a modern kid.

Also very important to us, was the functionality and the comfort of our product, we wanted to make the most visually appealing shoes you've ever seen. And the lightest most comfortable shoe your kids will ever worn.

And heres how we did it! We combine our fashion expertise with awesome technologies, we use a new type of sole that ultra light and durable that provides grip, flexibility, stability and effortless movement.

Because we know boys will always be boys (same goes to girls). It drastically reduces the overall drag and weight of our shoes, allowing your kid to feel as if they don't even have a shoes on. A lot of care went into making the shoe and you'll see that the moment you receive the first pair for your kid.

Choice is was missing for kids fashion we are doing all of this for an entire generations need, to have a genuine brand that drives to represent them. A movement is only as strong as the people behind it and thats where you come in. With you, we can make this dream a reality.

So we all can share success. Support us and spread the word, and your believe in our brand will never be forgotten. Do follow us on our Instagram or drop your email on our subscriber list, you will automatically be put on a VIP list giving you early access to content and deals before anybody else does. Amazing shoes at your kids feet at fair prices.

That is our only goal. Nothing else matters more. Our brand is about you and only you. To us you are our priority over everything else and that is how it will always be. So they say, a man is only as good as his shoes, and if thats true, we invite you to feel what its like be in ours. 

Our range of sizes starts from size EU 21 to EU 33 for kids 1-9 years old. 

Happy Shopping Mommas and Papas! Thank you for stopping by. 
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Miss Dhea
Mini by Dhea
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia